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Relocating can be overwhelming for anyone, but senior relocation can be particularly difficult, both physically and mentally. We're here to help with the entire relocation process, from planning and assisting with downsizing to packing, and organizing your new home. If you’re looking for moving assistance for seniors in the Western Washington area, you're in the right place!

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Senior Moving Specialists Who Care

At Caring Transitions Olympic Peninsula and SW Washington, our senior moving specialists are trained to make the relocation process as smooth as possible. We help seniors through the transition of moving, including downsizing, estate cleanout, and senior resettling. Our senior relocation services address details important to helping seniors feel comfortable in their new environment.

Caring Transitions Olympic Peninsula Provides Home Relocation Services for Loved Ones

Our home relocation services provide you the help your need to help your parents move in Sequim, Port Townsend, Port Angeles, and the surrounding areas

Caring Transitions takes pride in helping the Sequim community take care of their senior loved ones who are making the tough move into assisted living. It’s never easy giving up privacy and independence, although it is the right choice to make sometimes when needing to gain a better quality of life. We understand how hard that conversation can be with your loved ones. While dealing with the emotions, grief, and shame that come with moving them into their new how you also have sourced their new home and handle a number of financial and personal matters along with it. 

With all of these responsibilities accumulating it can be increasingly difficult to handle the complete home relocation with ease and grace. Caring Transitions takes the grunt work of coordinating the home relocation of your shoulders so you can focus on properly caring for your loved one and making sure they are placed in the right hands first.

How Our Other Home Relocation Services Can Help

Many times our senior clients face a few additional hurdles that prevent them from transitioning right away. These hurdles typically involve a large number of belongings that have amassed in their current homes over numerous years. These belongings can hold significance and sentimental value to them but in the end, they may be deemed unessential to their new needs and living requirements. We’ll help you and your loved one make the tough decision on which items are necessary to hold on to. 

We then can incorporate any of our additional home relocation services like estate sales and online auctions to attempt to get rid of any belongings that were not kept. We can also coordinate donations, disposal, and shipping to other loved ones who are interested in holding onto them. Getting rid of these types of hurdles helps your loved one efficiently get settled in their new home without worrying about space and mistreatment of sentimental belongings. They’ll be able to relax and soak in their new environment. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how Caring Transitions home relocation services can help your senior loved ones relocate, contact us today at (360) 504-0287 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to helping your loved ones!

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