7 Upcycled Bathroom Organization Ideas

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Ready to whip your bathroom into organized shape? One of the first steps is making sure every item in your bathroom has a designated place to call home. Without a place for each item to go, clutter can creep up and quickly take over a space. Bathroom counters and under sink storage often become a catch all space for forgotten toiletries, makeup and beauty related appliances.

To start decluttering, it’s important to clear the counter of any styling appliances, makeup, hair accessories, or jewelry. More than likely some of the items cluttering other rooms in your home could be used to create extra storage or organize items in your bathroom.

Closet and Drawer Organizers 

Think outside the traditional use of organizers. They can be used in many place throughout your home. Bring order to linen closets by storing bathroom tissue and paper towels in a hanging organizer or store toiletries on a cabinet door in a shoe organizer. Both are perfect for using space on closet and cabinet doors. 

Glass Jars 

Glass jars hold a wealth of versatile storage and use opportunities. These jars can be used to store cotton balls or bandages in a creative decorative way. You can create a hanging rack using glass jars or bottles to free up cabinet and counter space or store essentials to keep toiletries neatly within reach in cabinets or the linen closet.


Baskets and basket sets are likely peppered throughout your home or tucked away unused in a closet. If you don't have any, they can often be found gently used at online auction sites like ctbids.com and estate sales awaiting a new home. Use baskets to corral stray toiletry items, add a decorative element, organize extra towels or to give a touch of personality to your bathroom. Try hanging the baskets to use wall space more efficiently.

Shelving Units 

Repurposed bookcases, media stands, and shelving units can add extra storage and display space to give wayward bathroom items a home. Use these items to create floating shelves, a mirrored cabinet or cabinet organizers that save space and display beautiful containers or have the ability to house toiletries hair tools or other frequently used items. 

Hanging Wine Rack 

You can repurpose a hanging wine rack as a towel rack, caddy or shelf. To use as a towel rack, you can roll each towel you want to add to the rack before placing it on your wall. If your hanging wine rack has shelves, it can be repurposed to house items on glass jars or in the shower as a caddy.

Hanging Spice Racks

You can repurpose spice racks as shelves to tidy up your toiletries. Adding 2 or three racks in clusters can create a floating shelving unit perfect for shampoo and conditioner bottles, facial cleansers, moisturizer or other frequently used toiletry items. Spice racks can easily be found at estate sales, thrift stores, or online auction sites like CTBIDS.com.

Towel Rods

Use towel rods in a space saving way by adding planter hooks or S hooks to them. You can then hang small baskets, cutlery caddy’s or other containers on the rod to expand storage space. This is convenient for keeping toothbrushes, toothpaste, makeup brushes, hair brushes or other styling and toiletry items of the counters and in a neat space.

Once your bathroom is organized, you can take a few moments each day to reorganize cabinets in a space saving way by stacking items or using baskets and bins to continue to keep order in the space.

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